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As featured on ‘What If?’ hosted by Lorraine Kelly and daughter Rosie

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Everything you need to start the #CareConversation

Just like Rosie Smith and TV-legend mum Lorraine Kelly, we’re used to talking about personal experiences and love hearing inspiring stories.

So we’re proud sponsors of their What If? podcast series exploring life’s ‘what ifs’. Each week they meet celebrity guests to discuss their turning points, thoughts and decisions in life. One difficult conversation you may need to have is about care. So how can you start your family’s care conversation?

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Are you finding it hard to know where to start? Do you need tips and ideas to overcome resistance to the idea of care or getting professional support? You’ve come to the right place. Get a link to our free guide here.

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We understand that talking about care with loved ones feels like a big taboo. Read on for tips, ideas and even a family game to break the ice. Don’t forget that help is on hand from your local office.

We did some research finding out peoples’ views on having a #CareConversation with their parents. What do you think the results were?


are reluctant to speak to their parents about care

This is despite a third of those surveyed saying they were concerned about their parents’ physical health. Are you surprised by this?

4 simple tips you can use
to begin the Care Conversation

The Care Conversation game

Get a lively conversation started with this game! It includes care questions for your family to talk about and is a great way to find out what each person really thinks.

How to play
Click to reveal a new question. Be ready to get your family discussion started!

  • Question...
    What things you never want to give up?
    ...now discuss
Gilly is now feeling more independent than ever with support from her Care Professionals, describing them as 'friends.'

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Do you think that an independent and objective voice would help you have the care conversation with your parents? Many families feel the same. The caring and experienced advisors at local Home Instead offices help families just like yours to find solutions that work. Why not give them a call?